Yoga to boost your intimate life & wellbeing


Feel more alive, juicy, relaxed and empowered with this ALL – LEVEL yoga series.

This series is included in the Stay Sensual Stay Sane journey.

Check the video underneath this summary for an introduction to the series.


Michelle (from Intimichi) created this series to boost your intimate life & general wellbeing. The 12 sessions include many approaches & tools that are deeply effective yet easy to integrate in your daily routines. 

There will be both yin & yang practices so you can choose what you need at that particular moment. 
As a sex counselor & psychologist, Michelle integrated therapeutic insights in the series accompanied by different styles of yoga and pelvic floor health practices.
It’s gender neutral & can benefit everyone in all phases of life (& phases of the menstrual cycle). 
You will feel more connected to yourself, your sensuality and others. 
”Eroticism is not sex per se, but the qualities of vitality, curiosity, and spontaneity that make us feel alive.” … Eroticism is cultivating pleasure for its own sake. It’s about bringing adventure back into play and creativity into our lives.” 
Esther Perel
  • Spicy vinyasa: The spicy vinyasa flow will light your fire! Doing this sequence will help you to feel more grounded & balanced, activated & strong.


  • Revitalizing flow: This delicious session moves you through a sequence that will allow you to have more full body orgasmic experiences. It’s a beautiful intimate dance that is super effective and you won’t even notice you did a proper workout.


  • Gentle juicy flow: This flow helps to connect with your intuition & sensuality. Your physical, emotional & spiritual body will feel open, activated & free.


  • Pelvic region awareness – Activation/control/strength: We know it’s important to keep our bodies mobile & strong to boost our mood & general health. What we tend to forget is our genital & pelvic region need as much attention as all other body parts. Often this region is tensed & weak instead of relaxed & strong. This set will help you in feeling more control over your pelvic region, more orgasmic, confident & awake. We advise you to integrate this set in your daily life and practice it regularly!


  • Sexercise (Pilates inspired): Gain awareness, juiciness & strength in your pelvic floor and all surrounding body parts through through this session. We included exercises that physiotherapists suggest after pregnancy, but remember that they are beneficial to all of us, in all phases of our lives beyond gender.


  • Therapeutic set: When we want to feel more joyful, energised and sensual it’s important to take time to process life, our emotions and nurture ourselves. This Therapeutic set helps to manage stress, overwhelm and feelings of disempowerment. It’s created to soothe the nervous system and balance your energy. We included meditation, breathing practices and movement into this flow to get rid of stagnant energy.


  • Pelvic region awareness – Relaxation: We want a strong pelvic floor and eliminate tension that is stored there. Sitting a lot, stressful events, working out, etc can cause this. The set of practices is here to help you relax the pelvic region, deep abdominals & create length in the muscles. Doing this in combination with the other more activating sessions will really improve your sensual & general health. If you suffer from pelvic pain try to do this sessions as many times as you want and skip the activating ones for now (and consult a physiotherapist/gynaecologist/sex therapist for further assistance)


  • Partner yoga: Invite your partner or close one (friend/family/colleague) for this session where we will connect with ourselves and our partner on a deeper level. We will use the tools of yoga to tune in, open our heart, nourish our soul & ease our mind. You will also get a taste of tantra & relaxation techniques. The session will be gentle, prepare for a stretch & release.


  • Kundalini rising: Imagine we all have a snake resting at the bottom of our spine, waiting for us to activate it so it can rise all the way up through our spine. Doing practices that activate our Kundalini will help us channel this energy through our body and will result in feeling more vital & potent as it extends our life fore energy.


  • Energetic set – Kundalini inspired: Activate your whole system and start the day fresh, alive and in tune with yourself and your inner teacher.


  • Yin yoga for the lower body: This style of yoga targets our fascia or connective tissues when holding a pose long enough. This aids blockages and tension in our body. During this particular sequence we focus on slowing down, presence & flexibility. These skills, together with the notion of forgetting the time, will improve your intimate lives immensely.


  • Yin yoga for the upper body – Heart opening: This yin practice is slow yet deep. It targets the fascia of the chest, back, shoulders & neck. This practice nurtures the physical, emotional & spiritual heart. Let’s raise our vibrations!


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